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Details digi-pas-DWL-180S-005Grad-Schraube-auf-Digital-Winkellibelle-ModulWinkellehreWinkelmesserNeigungsmesser

DWL 180 ist ein digitales Wasserwaagen-Modul mit Genauigkeit 0,05°. Durch Anschrauben des Moduls an eine gewöhnliche Wasserwaage etwa mit I-Profil lässt sich diese SOFORT in eine akkurate Digitalwasserwaage umwandeln. Dieses Modul kann an jede glatte ...

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Details Scheppach-Nass-Schleifsystem-TIGER-2000S-Nass-Schleifmaschine-mit-120W-Schleifstein-aus-Edelkorund-mit-200mm-Abziehpaste-LederabziehscheibeWinkellehreBruchsicherer-Wassertank

Eigenschaften Edelkorund Schleifstein K 220 Abnehmbarer Wasserbehälter Lederabziehscheibe Kräftiger Motor Stabiles Kunststoffgehäuse Technische Daten Motor 230 V / 50 Hz / 120 W Drehzahl 120 1/min Schleifsteingröße-Ø 200 x 40 mm Körnung Schleifstein K ...

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Details The-Life-and-Work-of-Sophokles-the-Life-and-Work-of-Sophokles-Oedipus-and-the-Sphinx-and-Antigone-and-the-Eternal-Feminineoedipus-and-the-Sphinx-and

The Life and Work of Sophokles the Life and Work of Sophokles THIS 42 PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK: Genesis of Tragedy and the Sacred Drama of Eleusis, by Edouard Schure. To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN 0766100200.

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Details Nathan-and-Oskis-Hematology-and-Oncology-of-Infancy-and-Childhood-2-Volume-Set-Nathan-and-Oskis-Hematology-of-Infancy-and-Childhood

 Written by the leading names in pediatric oncology and hematology, Nathan and Oski's Hematology and Oncology of Infancy and Childhood offers you the essential tools you need to overcome the unique challenges and complexities of childhood cancers and ...

27,30 EUR*
Details A-Guide-to-Modelling-in-Clay-and-Wax-and-for-Terra-Cotta-Bronze-and-Silver-Chasing-and-Embossing-Carving-in-Marble-and-Alabaster-Moulding-and-or-Sculptural-Art-Made-Easy-for-Beginners

This vintage book is a complete and beginner-friendly guide to modelling with clay and wax, including directions for bronze and silver chasing and embossing, carving in marble and alabaster, and moulding and casting in plaster of Paris. Written in ...

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Details Volume-2-Cases-and-Perspectives-Syntheses-and-Perspectives-Research-on-Technology-and-the-Teaching-and-Learning-of-Mathematics-Syntheses-Cases-and-Perspectives

A volume in Research on Technology and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Syntheses, Cases, and Perspectives According to NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, "Technology is essential in teaching and learning of mathematics ...

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Details Old-Violins-And-Violin-Lore-Famous-Makers-Of-Cremona-And-Brescia-And-Of-England-France-And-Germany-With-Biographical-Dictionary-Famous-Players-And-Chapters-On-Varnish-Strings-And-Bows

"Old Violins And Violin Lore" is an interesting account of the history of the violin, exploring its origins, notable makers and players, evolution, and much more. Concentrating on Europe, it primarily looks at the Cremona And Brescia, and those who ...